New York City Premiere of the Amazing Spider-Man

Its a hot night in New York City. Midtown, just north of Times Square. As I make my way to the Ziegfield with my 8 year old son, I can't help but think how this all must look from his perspective. This year, Spider-Man marked 50 years since he made his first appearance in a comic book, Amazing Fantasy #15 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Many people around the world have there personal story growing up with Spider-Man, and my own story spans 3 generations. My late cousin, Santiago DeJesus loved reading and drawing Spider-Man. It was the 1970s and he critiqued my big brother's illustrations and encourage mine. I grew up in New York City, the same city Peter Parker swung through every day to school, the Daily Bugle and to save the day. What I love about Marvel is that New York City has always been a prominent cast member in the stories. That's why walking over to the New York Premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man I couldn't help but think how cool it would be if Spidey had just swung by before the movie started.
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