Somos Arte is a creative services studio
For more than a decade now, Somos Arte (Spanish for "We Are Art") has been providing creative services to various clients. Starting out as a small graphic design studio it has now expanded to provide various creative services for corporate, non-profit, small business and arts clients. We offer website design and development. Our clients receive all originally designed websites, not templates. Every client has a specific need and audience and therefore requires a unique creative solution. We provide customized Drupal powered Content Management System (CMS) that are uniquely configured for each individual project. These projects range in size from large institutions like Columbia University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to small non-profits like Sinergia. With a Drupal CMS, our clients can have the tools they need to update their own websites. With an additional maintenance agreement, many of our clients also benefit from the latest software and security updates provided by Drupal.
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Sobre Arte Blog
Writing about art and design. That is what this blog is all about. At Somos Arte, our approach to our work can be compared to the work of an artist creating a new masterpiece. Here you will read about our technique and you will also get insight that will help you with your next project. At times we will also discuss current trends in design, web, video and art and how they relate to our studio and our work.