Looking for the next Latina/Latino Spokesperson
La Opinión: Nada Es Imposible - Vanessa DeLeonQuite often to make a product more enticing, brands look to young and fresh experts in various fields to authenticate their products. Bringing on a spokesperson is an approach quite often used for short term projects or events. Such was the case when IKEA needed a spokesperson for an event in California. IKEA was partnering with Siempre Mujer magazine and they needed a Latina that was dynamic, bilingual and truly engaging. We immediately thought of the vibrant Vanessa DeLeon of Vanessa DeLeon Associates. We introduced her to Siempre Mujer and they immediately were sold on her ability to take on these programs that IKEA wanted to present to its customers. Vanessa is not only an interior designer with her own firm, but she is often called upon to speak on television as an expert in her field. Her events proved to be a success and even garnered positive press.

Now we are looking for fresh new faces in different professional fields that may be featured in advertorials, events or videos. Do you or someone you know represent these areas below?
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