Olay | Changing Faces of the US: Advertorial Series
In April of this year we posted a casting call for our second advertorial with Olay. Followers of Somos Arte on Twitter (@SomosArteNYC) and Facebook shared this post with their family, friends and professional network. From that viral outreach we received numerous applications from women who signed up via our website's casting call application. From that group of applicants Olay selected four lucky Latinas that will be featured in four different advertorials in the pages of Siempre Mujer Magazine. Starting in August of 2012 and running through March of 2013 each Latina will have her own personal profile alongside helpful skin care tips provided by Olay. These women are Carmen Lissette Ureña, Marisel Polanco, Ena Ackerman and Patricia Gonzalez.
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COVERGIRL Honors Latina Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast Cancer AwarenessDo you know any Latina breast cancer survivors? If you do, now is your chance to honor and celebrate their bravery. COVERGIRL® will be selecting four Latinas to receive a glamorous makeover, participate in a photo shoot and be interviewed in Spanish for a special video also produced by Somos Arte as part of an advertorial that will be printed in Siempre Mujer Magazine and their website.

Did you know that breast cancer is the most common cancer among Latinas? This is according to the number of newest cases of breast cancer that developed from 2004-2008. In 2012 it was estimated that 17,100 new cases of breast cancer would occur and 2,400 Latinas would die from breast cancer (Source: Susan G. Komen | Breast Cancer Statistics).

Now COVERGIRL® is joining the fight against breast cancer amongst Latinas and as part of an advertorial Somos Arte is producing, COVERGIRL® will make a donation towards finding a cure.

Let's recognize the survivors of breast cancer and continue to raise awareness and fight for a cure to this disease!

If you know someone in the New York metropolitan area that would make an ideal candidate for this campaign, please fill out the Contact form on our website located here http://www.somosarte.com/contact and mail a photograph of your candidate to info@somosarte.com. In the "Comments" section of the form please write a brief biographic statement about your candidate and about her fight with breast cancer and how her story is inspirational to you and others. Please fill out the "CONTACT" form with only your candidate's information. This is an anonymous nomination process.


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